Becak Plans

Below are links to downloadable PDFs of the Becak plans I created with SketchApp for the welders, carpenters, upholsterers. I’ll be adding more details and material specifications as time permits.

frame+cab.pdfversion 1.0
frame.pdfversion 1.0
Cab Frame Side
Cab Frame Top
Cab Seat Structure
cab-seat-structure.pdfversion 1.0
2cm and 3cm flat bar
Steel rod solid and tubular
Cab Seat Sheet Metal
Decorative Tubing
Wood Seat Back Side
Wood Seat Back
Wood Floor & Foot Box Side
Cusion Seat Frame
Seat Bottom Tabs
Canopy Down
canopy-down.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy up
canopy-up.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy Heart
canopy-heart.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy Parts
canopy-parts.pdfversion 1.0